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Club Volo al Mare
The airfield of the coast of Caorle
Course for obtaining the VDS certificate
*   The 'Volo al Mare club', a school certified by the Aero Club of Italy (AeCI), in accordance with the educational program prepared by the AeCI, organizes courses for the achievement of the VDS certificate (Recreational and Sports Flight), which allows you to fly with ultralight airplanes throughout the territory of the European community.

*   The purpose of the club is to bring all those who have a passion for flying closer to our reality, with a minimum financial commitment .

*   The club can offer a first test flight which serves to define the path you are about to take, and if it meets your expectations, it is composed as follows:
a briefing with basics of aerodynamics, control surfaces and their operation, cockpit and instruments, pre-flight checks, 20 minutes of flight, and a de-briefing to discuss the sensations just experienced.

*   The courses are held all year round and include a practical and a theoretical program.

*   At the end of the course, an examiner will be instructed and sent by the Aero Club of Italy, with which the student will have to take a first theoretical exam which consists of a series of multiple choice questions. If passed, he will then have to carry out a practical flight test. After this test too, the new pilot will be able to fly autonomously as a soloist.

*   After having completed at least 30 hours of solo flight, as required by current legislation, a second exam, only practical, can be taken to qualify for passenger transport.

*   The VDS pilot certificate must be renewed, upon expiry of the medical examination (maximum two years), with the procedure envisaged by the AeCI.

*   There is no minimum number of annual flight hours for maintenance, but it is advisable to make at least 12/15 hours.

*   The theoretical program includes a course with a minimum of 33 hours of theory lessons argued as follows:
introduction to the VDS activity; notions of aerotechnics; flight techniques; materials and safety; motors; meteorology; tools and navigation; traffic rules and principles of aeronautical legislation; aviation medicine and first aid.

*   Lessons, on average 2 hours each, are held mainly in the evening, following a continuous cycle calendar.

*   The practical program takes place over two consecutive phases with a total minimum of 16 hours of dual-command flight and solo flights, divided into individual flight missions lasting 30/40 minutes depending on the student's accommodation capacity. These missions, if the weather conditions allow it, are preferably held on weekends, but also on the other days of the week subject to the availability of the instructors.

*   To be admitted to the flight courses it is necessary to have reached the age of 18, or the 16th with the consent of the person exercising parental authority.

*   Having requested the clearance for pleasure or sporting flights (VDS) at the police headquarters of residence, having obtained the medical certificate for the VDS flight, and with a tax code to register for the club and the flight school.
Download section for students (pdf):
AeCI exam questionnaire       put the answers of the AeCI exam questionnaire      corrector of the AeCI exam questionnaire

Would you like to try to fly?
Come and visit us on weekends (on working days by appointment).

FLIGHT APPROACH with scenic flights and gift cards - COSTS:
a 20-minute preparatory flight with our aircraft 80.00 (4.00 per minute);
combo promotion:
two flights of 20 minutes each 150.00; three flights of 20 minutes each 200.00.

The basic cost is:   
3500,00 euros - 3-axis aircraft (airplane) and autogyro ultralight,