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The airfield of the coast of Caorle
Located a few minutes from the sea of Caorle, the airfield  A.Li.Caorle  offers numerous comforts for anyone who wants to visit us! NOTICE: two days before your incoming, please let us know date and time of arrival by sending an e-mail to - Thank you

The runway - VIEW 360 low altitude - high altitude - night
                Address: Strada Tezzon n 30, 30021 Caorle (VE), Italy   -   map 'where we are'
       ----       4536'43"N; 1248'52"E

Radio information service suspended from 1pm to 2pm local time. Not always guaranteed at other times. - Radio freq. 118.125 MHz,  Channel 118.130 (radio step 8.33).

Long grass track of 790x30 meters. Every aircraft, ultralight or general aviation, is able to land and take off comfortably without difficulty. The runway also hosts, in safety, flying activities with model aircraft, PPL and LAPL flight school, and the drone school. [CONTACTS]

Airspace, aerobatic area and Caorle area (basic VDS), procedures and coordination rules
It is recommended to read Operation's Letter (L.O. dec. 2022) between the Command of the 51st Stormo Istrana and the Airfield Manager.
basic VDS warning: read the Operation's Letter (L.O. dec. 2022). From 00:00 on Monday to 13:00 on Friday (local time) excluding holidays the CTR Treviso 2, classified 'D' (delta), is active. In this period, to take off or land, it is necessary to open the Caorle Basic VDS Area (SFC - 500 ft AGL) communicating the start of basic VDS activity to TREVISO RADAR - tel.: 0422 833270. Once the basic VDS activity has finished, the area must be closed by communicating the end of the activity.
At other times the airspace around the airfield (SFC-1500 ft) is classified 'G' (golf).

NOTAM and useful link

METAR - TAF Venice Marco Polo Airport                       ☼ ⛅ ☁  ☔




Airfield restaurant
open to the public
Reservations or requests "A.Li.Caorle RESTAURANT":
cell.: +39 328 4578164 (Giovanni)

If the journey tires you, we offer guest rooms with double beds with private bathroom, TV and air conditioning, to be able to resume the journey in full shape!

For a stay near the sea we recommend the Hotel Olympus ****, viale dei cigni n 11, Caorle Lido Altanea. As our partner, all guests of our airfield will be guaranteed a 10% discount on the list prices.

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Our guesthouses

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